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There is no better recommendation than mouth-to-mouth, so here is what people say:


Thank you for another week of beneficial stretching and movement. Really enjoying your online classes and finding strength building in all my bones. I think the regularity and frequency is the key for me. You have managed to make the whole experience very enjoyable and hugely therapeutic thanks to your sensitive appreciation of all of us ladies and your deep understanding of the value of gentle simple movement through alignment and core strength.. Can't thank you enough. Regina

Hi Jaconel, just to say thank you for keeping the online classes and videos going. It's greatly appreciated and very motivating. Margaret

Thanks so much, that was a great class. I feel set up for the day.

Jaconel, thank you very much for this week's online classes. I look forward to each class and benefit greatly from the movement. You really have mastered the art of online Pilates instructing.

Jaconel is a great safety conscious teacher. I started with my 6 week old baby 4 years ago and haven't stopped!

Fiona, chartered physiotherapist

This class is the best way to get rid of muscular aches and pains after sitting at the computer all day. I wouldn't miss it. Anne, Cork

Pilates has had a very positive effect on my health and well-being. Prior to taking up Pilates, I would have suffered from sore knees and back pain.

I am now a 100% better and definitely more flexible.

Carmel, Cork

I started Pilates three years ago with Jaconel because I had problems with my lower back. Since then I have no problems with my back. Pilates helps me to keep flexible.

Katherine, Rochestown

I am 12 months finished treatment for breast cancer. I find Pilates excellent in helping me control my lymphedema. Denise, Glanmire

Very enjoyable body maintenance G. O'Sullivan, Blackrock

Great flexibility, good gentle exercise for lower back. Very enjoyable class. Feel calm yet energised after it every week. Clodagh, Douglas

I have a back injury and am a busy mum of one. I have found Jaconel's classes excellent for strengthening my back and much needed relaxation!

Emily, Rochestown

Before starting Pilates I suffered with a weak hip, but am now feeling much stronger and able to do more exercise. So in all Pilates has been extremely beneficia l.  Irene, Frankfield

Great exercise for the over 60's. Should have started earlier .V.I.

The classes are excellent, very gentle and relaxing. I feel much stronger.


Find the Pilates good for stretching and recovery after jogging.


I find it great for my back and flexibility Marie, Ballinlough

I find the class excellent for posture and the stretching helps a lot. I would recommend the class to anyone.

I am much more confident with my movement since I started Pilates.

I had three bulging discs in my back.

Full stretch and strength from head to toe.

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