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Fab over 50 with Pilates and Buff Bones®

Better posture

Stronger muscles

Stronger bones

Better balance

More flexibility

Healthier looking skin

Improved sense of well-being

Help managing the menopause

Get in touch to see which class would suit you best, a mat class, chair-based or maybe one-to-one session to start with. This is a great way to get individual attention and help with posture and any specific questions or conditions you might have.        

I'm so glad to be able to do your classes... One of the few perks of covid! I was never a fan of weights or resistance work but can really feel the benefits this year and as I am now mid 50s, definitely a good time to start.

On 6 May, Jaconel appeared in the Feelgood pages of the Irish Examiner, 'Roll back the years with help of exercise'. Toe read the article about the many benefits of Pilates, click here .

For more info contact Jaconel 085 1613 505 or

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