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Fab over 50 with Pilates and Buff Bones®:

Benefits: better posture, stronger muscles, stronger bones, better balance, more flexibility, healthier looking skin, improved sense of well-being, help managing the menopause. Click here for more.

Get in touch to see which class would suit you best.

If you are interested in a class, a one-to-one session or Pilates-based classes in your company or organisation, contact Jaconel 085 1613 505 or

Gift vouchers available: For a group class (€15) (chair-Pilates €8), a private class (€60), or a 4 week course (€50).

Book a class on


Mat classes:

Monday night 7pm Wilton, Bru Columbanus

Wednesday morning 9.30am Douglas Yoga Centre

Chair classes:

Monday morning 10.30 Watergrasshill

Tuesday morning 10.45 Grange Frankfield

Wednesday morning 11.15 Douglas Community Centre

Thursday morning 11am Blackrock

085 1613 505

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