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If you would like to know more about Pilates classes in Cork, you can contact Jaconel 085 1613 505 or send a message to

Jaconel Janssen, originally from The Netherlands, is passionate about movement. She has been practising Pilates since 2000, qualified as a Pilates teacher in London in 2005 and came to Cork in 2007 where she set up Pilates People Cork.

Jaconel continues her professional education by doing regular courses in the field of Pilates and movement education. She is a fully qualified Pilates teacher and also holds certifications in pre-and postnatal exercise, teaching exercise to older adults, clinical Pilates, iMoveFreely (intrinsic biomechanics and muscle release techniques) and Buff Bones (medically-endorsed full-body workout for bone strengthening and balance).

Jaconel has been teaching Pilates for over 16 years and has taught in many different settings. From group classes in a busy sports centre, to new mothers with their babies, older adults, staff at schools and offices, adult education classes and one-to-one sessions with clients rehabilitating from injury or illness.

She encourages her students to listen to their body, to move mindfully, so that the session is suitable and tailor-made for each participant.

Apart from Pilates, Jaconel also likes practising yoga, tai chi, meditation, and loves cooking, singing and travelling.

Pilates exercises can be adapted to each and every one of us and to the different stages of our life. Whether fit, flexible and injury-free, or suffering from back aches or other complaints, most people benefit from doing Pilates on a regular basis.

Each class is a balanced work-out for body and mind. The session includes a short relaxation, so that we can let go of tension that might have built up over the week (or longer!). Then we focus on building strength as well as flexibility, balance and co-ordination. The body is gently realigned and reshaped, the muscles rebalanced, so that the whole body can move more efficiently. We will feel better, more relaxed, stronger and more flexible.

Give the gift of strength and relaxation with a Pilates gift voucher. Treat a loved one to a class (€15), a series of 4 weeks (€50), or a one-to-one session (€60).

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